14 Mar 2014

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Top 5 Android Root Apps

Rooting is the technique of getting root access on your smartphone. Basically, rooting means you can do whatever you want with your smartphone instead of using default OS settings.Your rooted phone permits you to install and use root-only apps of all different types. The most advantageous root apps for rooted Android Devices get the full prospective usage out of your smartphone.Now this article includes what all applications are a must try after you have rootedyour device so that you can make the most out of your rooted device. We have formed a list of best and widely used 5 apps for rooted android smartphones.
  1. Titanium Backup
Titanium Backup is a very well-known app available in the Google play store and have some noteworthy features which can not only backup everything but also save it on remote server. It can also freeze any installed system app or a custom installed app. But freezing option & many other useful functions like syncing backups to cloud storage, uninstalling system apps are allowed only in the PAID version of this app.The paid version is available at $6.58.
  1. Greenify
This is a fantastic app which will allow you to hibernate (pause for a while) your ongoing application in background after you turn off your screen for few minutes. Some of the popular apps like Chrome, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram utilizes much of the RAM by running in the background, so Greenify will keep all those app in hibernate mode when you lock your phone and ultimately it will save lot of battery power for you.It is truly a must-have application as a root user.
  1. System Tuner
This is all in one in well utility app. With this app you can manage your entire system. You can maintain and controlyour CPU speeds,  kernel governor settings, system tweaks, startup programs and lots more. This app is available in paid as well as free version.
  1. Adaway
Adaway will rescue you from all those annoying advertisements that pops up when you are using free apps. Since Adaway works by blocking ad-serving sites at the IP address level by modifying the host file. It doesn't lets your system to slow down thus by doing a remarkably good job. If you want some ad from several ad providers than you can add those ad provider link in the “Whitelist” region so that the ads coming from those ad provider shows up properly.
  1. Root Explorer
Root Explorer is an awesome app that uses root access to let you browse files on your entire device. This app is an ultimate file manager for root users.This app is really useful if you are planning toinsert some system app by yourself or trying to change or modify any system configuration without permissions.This app has simple and easy to use interface along with plenty of features and is one of those must have tools for all root users.
That’s it!! Top5 Android app for rooted users list ends over here and you can’t go wrong with these best 5 Android root Apps.
Happy Rooting !!
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1 Mar 2014

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Change Page Name After 200 Likes [Working]

Facebook Don't Allow to change page name after 200 likes due to some reasons. If you
want to change your page name, we provide step by step tutorial.

Steps to change page name after 200 likes -

Follow steps :-

1. First of all download Hola Chrome plugin.

2. Open Facebook login page

3. You will see Hola plugin. Open it and select country - United States

4. Now Go to page which you want to change. Go to update >> Update Page Info >> Name >> Request Change 

5. A new window open and You'll get page not found. Just Replace contact id in url to "315717308555285" (shown in picture)
6. Now you can make request to change page name to your desire page name
7. Send Your request for page name chnage

If you have any problem regarding tutorial. Please Comment below.

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27 Jan 2014


How to find lost mobile phone using IMEI number

Hey Friends, Today I am going to share a one more trick here related to your mobile Phone. Because some time I faced a problem everywhere that “my mobile phone was stolen now how I trace my mobile” then A code is given by company for each mobile phone that is known as IMEI No. of your Mobile it helps us to find our mobile phone or we can easily get location of mobile phone. So, guys my today’s topic is “ How to find lost mobile phone using IMEI number”. 

So, here I am sharing some important steps to trace your mobile phone by using IMEI number :-

STEP 1: First of all we need the IMEI number of your mobile which has been lost. You can easily get this IMEI number on the Box or Bill of mobile.

STEP 2: Now, Note down this IMEI number on any notepad or Notebook.

STEP 3: Now login you’re a/c On GMAIL or Yahoo, etc because now we need to send a email so open your account .

STEP 4: Now click on “Compose a New Mail" 

STEP 5 : Now Here this is a Info because this is important to send  -

Your name:
Phone model:
Last used No.:
E-mail for communication:
Missed date:
IMEI No.: 

Now fill this Detail correctly Because this is Important to trace your mobile . This is very all information are important and common .
Don’t forgot to write title “ LOST MOBILE PHONE DETAILS”

Please socialize this trick because this is helpful for every mobile user. May be it will be helpful for any one by sharing you J

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24 Jan 2014

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Samsung GALAXY GRAND 2 Review And Unboxing Video

Samsung Galaxy Grand is New Smartphone in Market I think you have seen Samsung Grand , after the lot of Smartphone series in Galaxy category Samsung Launched his New And Latest Smartphone is is full filed with all new and latest technologies.

Main Features of Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 :-



·        5.15 Inch TFT Touch Screen
·        8 MP Primary Camera
·        1.9 MP secondary HD Camera (Front Camera)
·        WIFI
·        Dual Sim (Both GSM)
·        Expandable Storage Capacity 64 GB
·        Android v4.3 Latest
·        1.2 Ghz Quad core Processor

Other Features:

Resolution                     :         1280*720 Pixel
Flash                             :         LED
Battery                          :         2600 mAh
Internal  Memory           :         8 GB
Internet                         :         Wifi , 3G , EDGE, and other all is available
Video Support              :        All types of Video



So, friends this was a short review of Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 . As this is Smartphone and Android OS so, everything is In your hand like latest apps because this is latest version of Android OS is pre installed in this Mobile .  This is very beautiful in look I have checked the video of this mobile Officially via Samsung. So, guys this is Perfect Phone And It’s Price I don’t know and also I can’t share because Price always different from Internet compare then Shop .

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How to check Own Mobile No. in Reliance

After the Sharing a Post How to Check Internet Balance In Reliance Easily . so, I got some Emails that How to check Own Mobile No. in Reliance. Friends’ This is very method and also working from some years . I have already tested but today Going to Share with you Hope this will Work Fine to you.



STEP 1: First of all Go No dial Sceen .


STEP 2:- Just Dial this No. *1#       
Then You will see a Alert Msg so, that is Your Mobile You can say by other to this trick that “ Check Mobile No. Of Reliance Mobile Free”  Yeah Friends This Process is free doesn’t matter that you have Any Balance in your Mobile or Not..
But this Process is Only work for Reliance Users.

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How to Check Internet Balance In Reliance Easily

Hello Friends, Hope You are using reliance Mobile in GSM . reliance Mobile is a top Company of Mobile networks, so many user are using it.and also using the Internet of via this operator.
How to Check Internet Balance In Reliance Easily

So, today I’m Going to Share That how to check your reliance Mobile’s Internet balance means How to check the Remaining Balance Of Internet in reliance GSM. This is not easy for a new user so, I am heling him via posting this useful Trick for Him.
Dear, You can Check your Internet Balance of reliance gsm via Two simple Ways:-
·        SMS
·        USSD

Via SMS :
So, this is a Simple way to check Balance of reliance Mobile By Sending SMS. Just Go to Your New Type Msg. of your Mobile and type MBAL and Send  to 55333

Via USSD:-
Hope you know very well what is USSD ? when we use * and # on your no dial sceen then that process is known as USSD . So this is way to check your reliance gsm balance by USSD> First open your No. dial sceen and Dial :  *333*1*3*1#   Or you can also use this *367*3# .

Friends Both Methode are used by me and by my friends both are working file hope also Work for you please try this and tell me it’s working or Not.,….

Thanks For Visit J

Keep Visitng……….
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21 Jan 2014

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Top Android Games of January 2014

Today, I am going to share some Most top Android Games of 2014. Just a week ago I have shared already some games but today I am sharing “Top 5 Best Android Games of 2014 “. Hope so, you will also like it.

Subway surfers is a top android game which is endless. Because in this game lot of stages are available so, not possible to over it. This games is developed by Kiloo. Run from Inspector and also jump if need and collect the more points. This is very interesting and tough game. Some times we fall and inspector will catch you in this game. Subway Surfers is a entertaining game and very amazing also great in graphics.

Jewels Stars is also a famous game. Because in this game player will match diamond with his same color this is also interesting and entertaining game . lot of stages are available in this game. So, guys don’t waste time just install it and enjoy with jewels starts.

As you think about the game but it’s name. 4 Pics 1 word is a puzzle game.  In this puzzle game player will see 4 picture in this game and he must to choose correct similarity in All pictures by his task. This is  a very interesting game. This is also a famous and most downloaded games of this new year.

Hope so everyone is know about this game. This was very popular on old mobiles that was operated on java ,etc now, Fruit ninja is available on Android. If you like to enjoy a little action,fun,entertainment. then install it on your device and enjoy while playing it.

If you are looking addictive puzzle game for android device then Flow free is best for you. This game is also a most downloaded game and rocking on Smartphone because this is top in puzzle games.  Flow free has more the 100 levels. This is very amazing player will match the colored file with similar color. 
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13 Jan 2014

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5 Top Best Free Android Apps for Students of 2014

As everyone Smartphone user know very well Smartphone is growing very quickly in world and also in heart of Smartphone lovers. So, I have shared many apps for you related to android and Windows etc. So, I think that if we can do many works with Smartphone like watch TV and Social networking, other different - different kind of works so, then I was start searching for some App which can help us to enjoy our study means those Android apps which are most important for a student means very useful for a student. Then I got many search results but as everyone know that everything is not Always be good. So today I’m sharing with you only 5 Special Apps which are most useful for a student.

5 Best Free Apps for Students:-

top 5 apps for students 2014

1. MyClass Schedule

As we can know about by sound of name of this app. But I’m explaining that this app helps you to schedule your timetable by your Smartphone. If you are new in your College and don’t want to miss any special moment so you can schedule your time with location in this App.

2. Evernote

This is awesome App and really very great app which helps you to create Notes. And also this app helps you to save video and snapshot (photos) . As well as note writing you can also save recoding with your notes by using this useful App. Camera feature is one other best feature of this app which helps you to take snapshot of your notebook or text book. This is trick to save time :-D so you must to try this App.

3.  GoogleTranslate

Google translate is official and verified app by specialist of Google. Now this is available for Android users. As I hope you know very well about it, this app is very special app for those students who are week in English or Hindi because these both language are very common but there are many languages so you can translate your any paragraph or complete story into your choices Language. So, I am suggesting you this app this will also help for you.

4. Exam Countdown

Go on the top revision of your exams . so, this app for android user exam countdown, you can fix your time and date sheet of exams in this app then this will help you to inform about your exam means . Down counting of days and time of your exam. Exam time is most important for each student so you need to try this app to enjoy your study with android device. And also this app provides you some other tricks to do your study with good power.

5. StudyBlue

So, now I think your exam countdown is done,. Hope that app is working well so Study blue is other app which helps you to use that with also that app. Study blue is revision flash card app which helps you to read some important points of your text book And notebook. This is very amazing app also for students so, please try this app .

So, guys this was a little collection of apps for students from trick4pc. Please keep visiting on our site to get more stuff related to Android and Tricks & Tips.  Hope you like this collection so please share this Article with your friends.

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12 Jan 2014

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3 Best ways to copy faster in Windows

3 Best ways to copy faster in Windows
Guys Commonly mostly computer user are using Dual core, or Core 2 Duo, or any other so in these process we faced a little problem always which is copy any data from computer to any Pen drive or Paste data from pen drive to computer. Because this is most important work it’s processing always be very slow and some time very low if my computer have heavy load. So, it takes lot of time to transfer any big file/DATA .
SO, today I have 3 Important and very useful software/App which will make your work very fast. Means better then old speed , these Apps will Help you to save your time to transfer data. Because I have used these all so, from many software I like only 3 so that 3 apps I am sharing with you hope you will also like it.


Tera copy is very famous software which commonly used to data transfer quickly. This is very amazing apps which will enables you to copy and moves files faster . You can stop and resume which transferring data and this helps you to resume broken data without any work very easy to use it. Hope you like it so, try this Software .
2. SuperCopier

SuperCopier as there same as it’s name this is also super to copy data. And this is also top as tera copy . this gives you some more & other features to enjoy you copying . hope you like it. So, you need to try this app because this shows data list with coping and already said helps you to transfer data quickly.
3. FastCopy

Fast copy is one other top software to transfer your data with high speed. And also this has some different features and which make it faster and smarter. It can Copy/Delete any software on windows if that is harmful for you.

SO, guys this was a little collection of Software to transfer data with high speed on windows. You can use there all software on any windows like Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows vista etc. as I have already used it on windows 7 if you are windows 8 user and this is performing well so, please tell me in comment. You can do help of other by sharing this. If you are facing any problem to use it then drop your comment with your problem I will short out in few time . J

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11 Jan 2014

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Top 5 Best Free Latest Android Games of 2014

Today Android Game is very Crazy , many new and new games are launching for Android OS . I have seen may android user are like to enjoy With gaming on his Mobile Phone.  As I said many games it means millions of Apps are has launched on Android Platform to give Happiness for Game lovers!. SO, My Today’s Topic is “Top 5 Best Android Games of 2014” or “Latest Best top 5 Games for Android Smartphone of this New year 2014”.

SO, without wasting your Time I’m going to start please read carefully below is List of Top Android Game’s of this Week. :-


This is game Which comes in Adventure category, because this is Adventures game if you like to Play Hard and you are Adventure love then you should Try to this Game. More then 75 Stages are in this Game hope you will Like it.

AngryBirds Go!

 This is World’s Most famous Game and This is Top Rated Game it means this is Top Game of This New year 2014 . Hope you know very well about it. This is 3D game only swap the bird and Play Race ,etc with Birds . SO, if you have seen this Game first time then you must to Play it because this is very Amazing and Attractive , Enjoyful Game.

Racing Air is one other Most famous Game for Racing Games Lover. This is very attractive and also very easy in Play because I am also Racing Games lover. So, I really like to Play this Game.

See Also: Top 5 Best Web Browsers for Smartphone

Once again this is also most popular and lovely racing game of Smartphone. Is most downloaded app of 2014 whenever this is new but very amazing So, this come popular is short time. So, if you are racing games or Bike lover then you should try this Game.

TrafficCar Racing

Wow! This is one other racing game but this is difficult to play because it’s Stages are very hard for new player. But after some time you will expert in this because very interesting and very amazing game you are playing…. So, you should try this is free Game

SO, this was a Little collection of Android Apps  this Week for My Android lovers. Hope you will Like it Please Share it with your Friends on Social Network. J
Please Keep Visiting to Get More stuff related to Your Android And you Computer 
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